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What is included in the Jonna guarantee?

You are always guaranteed quick service at out service center. You do not need to book a time slot for this

What happens after I order a bike?

When you book your bike you choose where you pick the bike up. We assume you will come the day after to our store or the coming five days, and keep a bike reserved for you.

Once you have confirmed you like the bike on location we will check you out, activate your subscription and adjust your starting date.

How do I cancel the subscription?

To cancel your bike plan we ask you to book a hand back date10 days in advance for when you return the bike. Make sure you have handed back the bike to us 2 days in advance of your next payment date in order to not pay for the next monthly cycle. Read more here on cancelling.

What happens if my bike gets stolen?

Would your bike get stolen, vandalised or otherwise damaged by a third party, you willpay max 750kr if you supply a police report of the incident.

Create a police report and supply Jonna with a copy of the report and your key.

Is the bike the right size for me?

Our bike is suitable for girls and boys from 155 to 188 cm tall. The easiest is to just come by and test ride. At pickup we’ll adjust saddle and steering wheel to your length.

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